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About EDHG

Founded in 2019, the Emotionally Demanding Histories Group is the first network of international researchers whose work addresses traumatic, violent, or otherwise sensitive historical topics.

We've organized workshops and panels, given talks, hosted lectures, and held researcher check-in sessions

Green Leaves

Our Story

Like many of the best ideas, EDHG started over a coffee. As members of the same History PhD cohort at the University of Edinburgh, Emily Rose Hay and Claire E. Aubin noticed that their experiences as researchers differed significantly from those of their peers. What began as a meeting to vent about the emotional difficulties of their work very quickly led to a search for resources on the impact that violent or traumatic topics have on historians. When the search turned up nothing, Emily Rose and Claire decided to create their own network to help foster a sense of community amongst historical researchers of emotionally-demanding topics and bring awareness to the potentially traumagenic effects these topics have on those tasked with reading, writing, and teaching about them.

It has also served as a good excuse to meet for many more coffees.

EDHG Convenors

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